Potty Training Cats: Week 1

Potty Training Cats: Week 1

We have officially started the process of toilet training our 3 cats. After seeing videos on the internet and reading the product reviews on Amazon, we decided to give it a shot.

I know we spend at least $30 a month on litter which is $360 per year. We buy Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal, so it’s kind of pricey.

But, when you’re busy and live in a small apartment, you need to buy the best. Hopefully, we can do away with the cost and mess of cat litter through time, patience, and a one-time fee.

The CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit on Amazon costs $30 and 3 small bags of the Garfield Flushable Cat Litter costs $25 (sold separately). Since we didn’t buy our regular box of cat litter, the kit put us back only $25 which isn’t bad considering the long-term savings. However, the kit consists of a plastic seat cover with an insert, a training guide, a tip sheet, and cat nip.

Honestly, you could probably make a better seat cover at home.

The first step was to move the litter box into the bathroom and fill it with the new flushable litter. We did this without any trouble on Thursday, February 8th. The cats were skeptical at first, but they didn’t have any accidents. Previously, we had 2 litter boxes in our closet area, not far from the bathroom. We emptied one out, washed it, removed the matts underneath, and turned it upside down. The other, we cleaned out and moved to the bathroom. We were also careful to sweep up any and all litter in the surrounding areas to clear up any confusion.


Since the first step went so well, we decided to move on to the next step a little early. On Sunday, February 11th, we completely removed the remaining litter box, cleaned it out, swept up any litter, and placed it upside down by the other one (I didn’t want to throw them out in case the training doesn’t work). Next, we placed the training seat under the regular toilet seat, leaving the lid up. We filled it with litter and added a small sprinkle of cat nip to get their attention. Each cat explored the seat in their own time. I made sure to show them all where it was before we left the house.




And when we got home…..

Each week, we will be removing a ring from the training seat until the whole thing is gone. We will continue to post updates on our progress!

If you’re trying this, we highly recommend cat nip and treats as positive reinforcement.

See you all next week!


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